Friday, 24 February 2017

Set me free

You said you’d stay,
Deep down I knew you would hurt me.
I’d hoped and prayed you’d have mercy on me
My weak soul and mind,
My wit to stay on my lane and not veer off to that which is not mine,
I knew from the very start you wouldn’t stay,
But you got a hold of me,
Your claws so deep in my flesh,
But the sweetness that is the pain you cause me,
Kept me asking for me,
Even though I knew you were not good for me,
I still craved the taste of your heart,
The blood sipping through my fingers,
Cold from your vein,
I didn’t know you had any.
Even though I knew it would hurt,
One bite was not enough.
After bite,
After bite,
After beat,
After beat,
I was heading to my grave.
You consumed me,
And I saw it all coming,
I opened the door for you,
Let you in,
Welcomed you with open arms,
Same arms I used to embrace me,
No mercy on me,

Your arms,
Embraced me,
But stabbed me as well,
Who is to blame?
Or I?
Set me free,
Will you not?
Perhaps some good would do me good,
Some kindness would heal me,
Or not,
Because you know not what that means,
Leaving a trail of blood in your path,
And like a hungry hound,
I follow every step of your stinking scent,
You have me on a tight leash,
One I hate to have,
But hold it myself.
Have mercy on my bleeding heart,
Set me free.  

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